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The first medical use of ozone as a drug for inhalation was in 1870. We knew that this gas, consisting of three atoms of oxygen, had a safe germicidal effect. During the First World War, ozone was used to treat external injuries to heal more quickly. Later administered in drip (mixed oxygen) was used to fight infections such gastrointestinal, bladder, vagina and ears. In 1918 after the end of World War I, the grandfather Francesco Benevento, founder of the actual pharmaceutical Cader Pharma Laboratory, applied the use of ozonated olive oil (already tried and tested by himself as a soldier) in Marseille soap. In those days, they had not known all of the therapeutic features of the product since the limited equipment available to ensure their full efficiency. He created a small soap shop in the land of the Romans, Sannio, and began to sell his soap of fantastic therapeutic! with the arrival of the Second World War, the laboratory was closed and all the work went up until the nephew Vincenzo Benevento (graduated in biology) shoot in the footsteps of his grandfather and took them back to life! This time the research was the key to help to understand all the benefits that could give the ozonation in cosmoceutics. 

After this discovery Vincenzo, established his first laboratory research and with the birth of his daughter Gilda, the ErbaGil became. After the graduation of his daughter Gilda in Biology (currently a researcher at the University of Naples Federico II) they founded with other members (Angela Donato and Nicola Di Mezza) the Laboratory of Cader Pharma, always in Telese Terme. Telese is a city of beauty and well-being since the time of the ancient Romans who had chosen this healthier region to spend moments of relaxation with the sulphurous waters of the valley Telesina. OZONO Cosmetics was born from the merger of El Badaoui Group with Cader Pharma, and thanks to the collaboration of academic experts, has developed a new active complex Argan'O3 therapy® consisting of the registered formula of five biological principles highly active against the signs of aging and for skin cell renewal, in total respect for the sensitivity of the skin with Argan'O3 therapy®. OZONO Cosmetics has created these highly organic cosmetics, pure and rich in active ingredients, thanks to strict moral and scientific research. OZONO cosmetics offers perfection, the purity of natural extracts and known mud of the thermal waters of Telese Terme, remaining attentive to processes of extraction of active plants "from the heart of the plants". OZONO Cosmetics offers products without alcohol, dyes, preservatives or chemical derivatives. Strict and accurate skin test is conducted to ensure maximum functionality and safety of products with the scientific support and partnership of distinguished dermatologists, oncologists and allergologist from the University of Naples Federico II (Faculty of Medicine and Biology. With this spirit, we have managed to balance the natural resources of the territory and scientific rigor, creating cosmetics and cosmoceutics lines. OZONO Natural Skin-care by Nature, is the Cosmoceutics line: NATURAL ORGANIC and ECO OZONO Cosmetic knew how to mix the culture of the desert with it's charming Argan oil and Italian research giving rise to a line of cosmetics of high biological value. We are attentive to the design but we are every day engaged to the research and the development of the content...

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