CADERPHARMA, produces and markets cosmetics with active controlled and dermatologically tested with excellent results and absolute reliability. The efficiency derma-cosmetic and prestige of OZONO-CADERPHARMA products are the result of growth technical research, the stringency of controls in the laboratory and significant levels of production











As quality-determination of the components of olive oil made from organic olea European cultivar 'racioppella "and, subsequently, determination of quantum qualitative components of organic Italian olive oil and ozone derived from it.

Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Department of Systematic Pathology Section of Dermatology Certified about: “Capacità fotoprotettiva, lenitiva, antiage di OzonOil

REFERENCES: ISO 9001 The CaderPHARMA is subsidized by the Università degli Studi di "Federico II" for the training and orientation of graduates in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Herbalist.

The CaderPHARMA is subsidized by the Azienda Ospedaliera "G. Rummo" of Benevento to the experimental prototype of each sample to evaluate the effectiveness of the product and, more generally, the results of experimental tests.