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FAQ: I suffer some inflammed Blackheads that ruin my skin every month.

I am 21 years old, I suffer some inflammed Blackheads that ruin my skin every month. Sprout out of nowhere and I have great difficulties to remove them. What is OZONE? It can work on me?


José, Sao Paolo

Good morning José,

I’m sorry for the delay. So, first of all, never touch those Imperfections that sprout at surprise because you may infect the areas around and create other blemishes, even worse, you could cause a scar that would leave an eternal cicatrice. The thing to do is cleansing twice a day your face with mild detergent at neutral pH and without chemical dyes , apply a lotion-based on purifying Argano3therapy, zinc and sulfurius thermal water to avoid any further attack on your face and apply your treatment day or night Young Purity Kerato-regulating, massage gently, avoiding eye contour. During the day, OZONE protects your skin against UVA rays - UVB and aggression control, and at night the action of ArganoZ Therapy combats the formation of pimples and gives the face a better tone and narrows the pore dilated. All with a Non-comedogenic, natural healing respecting your skin in depth. You may use YOUNG purity of OZONE, without problems, it’s completely free and natural, does not create allergic reactions, not attacking your sensitive skin (even if you have oily skin or mixed) moisturize without adding fat, thanks to the sulphurous thermal water. You can find OZONO in the pharmacy, and ask your doctor about. We are sure that he will agree.


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