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FAQ: I hve too many imperfections, I tried a cream that my Dermatologist prescribed

I am a woman of 43 years, I’m looking for a cream or serum, or anything other than surgery or chemicals to visibly reduce wrinkles that I have on the forehead and cheeks. I tried creams and well-known Brands of skin care, I spent a fortune, but still these damn wrinkles that won’t disappear. If I follow Mature skin treatment, my skin will be better? is it too late?

Joey, London

Good evening Joey.

I am happy that you have taken the initiative to contact us. I hope we can help you.

So! When Wrinkles are formed, we can not do anything to make them immediately disappear, apart resorting to plastic surgery or some filler cream sold in the market at exorbitant prices (for instant effect, but unrealistic, since the effect disappears after a few day or weeks, and the wrinkles become more pronounced if you do not use anymore those creams) is a real tragedy and we can not understand why no one has intervened to control these products renowned and beloved containing carcinogenic and banned by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) materials. but we can always find them, and even the advertising we see every day and everywhere. I can not give you an instant lifting effect Product, because it's absolutely against the ethics of our company, which produces only "SAFE" products for the health of women, pregnants and men. However, there are other ways to reduce considerably the wrinkles in your face, made of glycolic acid (AHA fruit) and Cogico and a powerful ultra concentrated amino acids and Vitamin E. very powerful impact that has proven its effectiveness by the third treatment after 40 days. REPAIR ARGANOZTHERAPY treatment is a powerful impact of natural and not tested on animals, contains no chemical materials, dyes or preservatives. A tingling sensation is possible in the first seconds of treatment, but disappear when the action is Neutralized by the cream (2nd step). I recommend this treatment and after the 15th tube, (third treatment) the skin is renewed and wrinkles Completely decreased. Your skin is really Young and renewed.

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