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FAQ: I just have a lil Question: Is it all about Argan oil ?

I just have a lil Question: Is it all about Argan oil ? or is it just a coincidence? Because I’m from Jeddah and I heard about this miraculous oil, but I just wated to know if it’s just argan oil or something else? Sorry for disturbing you!

Dahab, Jeddah

Hello, Dahab!

I will answer to your curiosity with pleasure! Argano3therapy ® is a patented complex Ozonocosmetics, based on a thorough study of the Argan oil Molecul, but not as you know! as argan oil alone may be a good oil to use on the body or bath oil for hair, but that does not make miracles, because it does not errase wrinkles, and it can not nourish the skin deeply because its molecule is too large to penetrate the skin, so we conducted a study that we were able to create a complex asset-based molecules of argan oil and Ozono therapy in addition to other components extremely natural and with a high tollerance by any type of skin, those components have vegetable origin. This complex is the basis of all our products. The complex with a basis of Morocco's Argan (liquid gold) That’s why we gave it the name ARGANO3Therapy complex.


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