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With over hundreds of experiences, we’ve been able to define consulting as listening first and talking second. G.E.B business management understands that our ability to consult or help you with your business is based on our understanding of your business situation. G.E.B offers a dedicated, complete and quick service. We have consulting services that cover a broad scope of business issues. What is important to you is that we are a local business that will be with you throughout the process of discovering and implementing the solutions important to your business. Every consultation is unique and is treated as such, what works for one company may not for another. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your business succeed. We have listed below some of the specific areas in which we can assist your company.

Public relations and B2B Trading /investment Business Succession Retirement Human Resources Tax Planning Cross Purchase & Buy/Sell Agreements Budgeting Job Costing Much more...

  Business Start-up.
  International relations and government relations.
  Opportunities for investment in developing countries.
  Opening and management of subsidiaries abroad. (Middle East, Arabian Gulf / Persian, Russia, India.)
  Enhancement of products and services.
  Marketing and Branding at international level.

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