ARGAN OIL CONTAIN: Omega 6 - Omega 9 High concentration of Vitamin E and doesn’t contain Fatty acids EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL CONTAIN: Omega 3 - Vitamin E and Olive oil is a triacylglycerid: three fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. Technically it is a type of glycerolipid. Triacylglycerols (Triglycerides or Fats) are the major energy reserve for plants and animals.

Those two oils are the best nutritious oil of ever, and we are the first producers of this new registered composition.
The Substances on Argan oil are not present in olive oil, and vice versa, so all of our formula complete the oil to make it healthy and tasty!

ARGANOLIVE® is the New answer to the Luxurious and Healthy, only for the best tasters. Our formula ARGANOLIVE® provides on our table the balance of a healthy organic oil, pure and full 360 degrees of all nutrition.

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