Thanks to it's OZONATED organic argan oil, Amlou3® kills bacteria and viruses present in the body with a surprising speed. It has a powerful effect of penetration, sterilization and oxygenation.

Amlou3 Clears the larvae of the tapeworm, protects from the ascarid’s eggs, from Freon and substances called PCBs. The ozonated Argan oil, binds and expulses the toxins out of your body.
Amlou is used by Berbers as a nutritional anti-oxidant food to help increase the body's defenses. Contains minced and grilled organic Almonds, extra- virgin Argan oil and Argan'O3, honey and naturally rich of Calcium, Omega 6,9 vit E and anti-oxidants.
Amlou is a spread used on bread or melba toasts. But you can also eat it alone.
Amlou is a tonic and can be eaten at breakfast time or served after a meal or in any time you need energy for your activities! it was traditionally consumed by the nomads who crossed the desert to help them to keep energy.

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