• The only thing missing in the world, are the ideas

  • A special touch:

  • Unusual Creativity:

  • We enjoy the beauty:

  • We Like Dreaming:

  • HRH Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur and Georges El Badaoui in the opening day in Verona.
  • Events in the luxury fashion industry and beyond, our experience helps us with our creativity to provide the maximum and especially the innovation
  • Fantasy, Love, and Patience are the secret of our success! ready to share with our customers
  • Besides the quality of our products, their beauty is essential, art and technology come together under a single garment.
  • A group of dreamers able to turn fantasy into reality by creating unusual projects with high economic profit.
  • Wide range of products made ​​with care and followed carefully to provide the highest quality

El Badaoui Group was born from the initiative of El Badaoui brothers - "Georges and Jihad" Italian/Lebanese. El Badaoui Group works in creation and promotion of innovative Brands, including their own brands, specializing in Luxury products, original and without competitors.

...others produce, El Badaoui creates!

Addio al maestro Bruno de Angelis

Il 22 gennaio 2008 il maestro Bruno de Angelis ci ha lasciati improvvisamente. A comunicare la notizia fu il figlio Enrico De Angelis.

Il Marchese Bruno de Angelis, lo stilista dei famosi Beatles, di Jakye Kennedy Onassis, di De Chirico e di tanti altri personaggi di fama internazionale ormai diventati vere e proprie leggende del jet-set.

Era un uomo di sentimento, afferma il presidente della El Badaoui Group che ha partecipato ai funerali del grande amico scomparso.

A tutta la famiglia vanno le nostre più sentite condoglianze.

Sito internet: www.brunodeangelis.com

Il Libro della storia di De Angelis scritta dallo stesso Marchese e conclusa poco prima della sua scomparsa: "SARTO SU MISURA"

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